Large, Home-Spun Webs!

Web Information

How do you set up a spider web? Watch this youtube video.

How are black lights used with the GlowWebs? Watch this youtube video.

How strong are the spider web glue joints? Watch this youtube video.

SpiderWebMan has five sizes of webs: Almost GIANT, GIANT, BERMUDA, ULTRA, and MEGA. To view their dimensions, go to the Web Dimensions page.

Flyer Downloads

LED UV Black Lights
Almost GIANT 20 ft. Standard Web
Almost GIANT 20 ft. GlowWeb
GIANT 25 ft. Standard Web
GIANT 25 ft. GlowWeb
BERMUDA 30 ft. Standard Web
BERMUDA 30 ft. GlowWeb
ULTRA 33 ft. Standard Web
ULTRA 33 ft. GlowWeb
MEGA 50 ft. Standard Web
MEGA 50 ft. GlowWeb