Large, Home-Spun Webs!

Light Show Videos

16 ft Lighted Spider Web

This lighted spider web is made from 200 Cosmic Color Pixel lights zip tied to a 16 ft thick rope spider web. The Cosmic Color Pixels must be purchased separately from Light-O-Rama: https://store.lightorama.com/products/pixie-2-bundle. The 16 ft thick rope spider web can be purchased on the purchase page of this web site. The web has color coded marks on it to show where to attach each Cosmic Color Pixel. A diagram showing where the pixels are attached is on the "CCP Spider Web" page at http://www.superstarlights.com.

These sequences are available at http://www.superstarlights.com on the "Sequence" purchase page. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Sequence" purchase page to find the Spider Web sequences.

Ghost Busters - 200 CCPs

This is Halloween - 200 CCPs

Thriller - 200 CCPs

Toccata and Fugue - 200 CCPs

Monster Mash - 200 CCPs

"Intermission" - 200 CCPs

Legacy Spiderweb Sequences

In 2009, my son and I created a unique Halloween decoration with the SpiderWebman touch: a lighted spider web, with accompanying spider which sings and plays the keyboard!

The lighted web is made of heavy duty rope, with rope light segments attached. There are 79 separate rope light segments in the web, controlled by 33 computerized channels to sync them to music.

The spider is made of rope light segments, and LED lights. He can move all his arms, play the keyboard, blink his eyes, and sing!

The music to the shows is broadcasted over an FM frequency, so people can drive by and watch the show from their car while listening to the music over their radio.

The lighted spider web is a one time creation. I do not make or sell them. It took countless hours to make, would be difficult to ship, and it is difficult to keep the web operating.

Ghost Busters

Monster Mash