Welcome to SpiderWebMan.net, home of large, home-spun webs!

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All purchases get the SpiderWebMan shipping guarantee**:
1) Same day shipping on orders paid by 2:00 PM CDT
2) Next day shipping on orders paid after 2:00 PM CDT
3) If your web does not arrive on or before the 4th day after shipping, 1/2 of your money will be refunded

**Outdoor light fixtures and large orders are shipped by UPS and take 2-5 days for delivery.
**The refund of 1/2 your money back if order does not arrive in 4 days does not apply to orders shipped outside of the USA.
**Shipping guarantee does not apply to webs that are out of stock.

Note: The webs are shipped by U.S. Priority Mail and I have found that over 90% of my web orders arrive in 2-3 days. A few take 4 days, and very few take more than 4 days, that is why I can make the shipping guarantee!

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