Large, Home-Spun Webs!

Black Lights

GlowWebs are made from a special 5 mm (3/16 inch) diameter nylon rope that has fluorescing agents permanently molded into the nylon fibers so that they glow under an ultra violet light (black light). The glow is the same as a white T-shirt placed in front of a black light. The GlowWeb will not glow without a black light. I have tested the nylon rope by setting it outside in the sun and drenching rains for months and when you shine a black light on them at night they still glow the same as new. On this page I discuss the black lights you can use to make your GlowWebs glow.

395 nm LED vs 365 nm LED Black Lights
395 nm LED black lights give about twice the glow per watt than 365 nm LED black lights. But 395 nm LED black lights are on the edge of the visible light spectrum so they produce some purple light as well as UV glow. 365 nm lights are deeper into the UV spectrum so they do not produce purple light. But they do produce some white light. In pictures below the 6w 395 nm light produces the same amount of UV glow as the 12w 365 nm light. In the picture on the left you can see purple light as well. In the picture on the right you do not see purple light but there is some white light.

6w 395 nm light vs 12w 365 nm light comparison

365 nm black lights used to be more than twice as expensive as 395 nm black lights, but the price difference is not so much now.

mounting suggestion for 6 watt LED outdoor black light
Mounting suggestion for the LED outdoor black lights
(This picture is of an older light that has a gray body.)

Where do I put the black lights?
I put the black light about 10-20 feet in front of the web. But you can put them directly below, or even behind the web and still get a good glow. Also realize that the darker it is, the better the glow. If your web is near a street light it will not glow as well.

Side view of black light shining on GlowWeb

How Many Black Lights For the Webs
20 ft GlowWeb - One 6w 395nm
25 ft GlowWeb - One 12w 365nm
30 ft GlowWeb - Two 12w 365nm
33 ft GlowWeb - Two 12w 365nm
50 ft GlowWeb - Three 12w 365nm