Customer Comments

Brian, I just wanted you to know the Ultra 33' web I purchased a few weeks ago withstood Hurricane Sandy (60mph winds) and is still looking awesome. Thanks for a GREAT product.....!!!!!!!
-- Phil, Pennsylvania, 11/2/2012

Thank you so much! It's already a huge hit. Neighbors have been stopping by and calling to tell us how much they like it. It's lit at night with black lights!! It is so awesome! Thank you!
-- Kate, Oklahoma, 10/2012

Thanks so much! I bought 2 of these several years ago from you. They are a hit every year. All the kids ask me when am I putting out the spider webs. Thought I would expand it to the side of the house this year. I will have to send you a picture! Thanks for offering such a great item!
-- Dachia, McKinney Texas, 10/16/2009

Hi Brian:
Take a look at the photos.. Your webs made it perfect. EVERYONE comments on them. I love them.

-- Heidi, Atlanta Georgia, 10/5/2009

Thanks Brian and Happy Halloween to you also!
PS - I LOVE your light show and hope to one day be able to escalate my Halloween decoration to that level!

-- Anonymous, 10/9/2009

Hi Spiderwebman!
I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic web. This is our third Halloween with it. Oddly, we've become known as "the house with the web" even when it's not the season! Your product has brought tons of joy to my boys - I swear they would keep it up all year around!

-- Kelly, Flower Mound Texas, 10/7/2009